Buy the Right Waterproof Housing For Your Camera

Waterproof camera housings are a fantastic piece of photographic equipment that allows you to keep your camera dry in the rain and especially underwater. These housings are available for both entry-level digital cameras and more professional models, and should be a priority when buying camera equipment.

You can find waterproof camera housing for most compact cameras, but also for more advanced SLR cameras, that allow you to change lenses. There are underwater housing models made especially for specific cameras, and others that cover a more wide range of types.

Waterproof camera housings for compacts are not son chong tham tran particularly expensive, and in most cases they have a great extra feature. This is a plastic lens that is mounted on the front of the housing and will allow you to take pictures with a much wider angle when submerged.

Most compact cameras have a nice zoom lens, so this extra wide angle lens on the waterproof camera housing allows you to take a more ample type of pictures. The lens is also removable in a pinch, without having to open the case, so you can do this underwater.

The material of choice for compact camera underwater casing is a special hard plastic resin. Waterproof camera housing for SLRs is usually intended to withstand greater pressure, and is normally built of anodized aluminium, with hardened edges and seals for extra protection.

Essential features that you should look for in SLR is waterproof camera housing are a good quality non-distorting lens cover, and well-wired electronics that allow you to access all your camera features when it’s inside the case. With some housings, you can get very useful extra lens covers that allow you to change lenses while underwater.

It’s fundamental to be in the know on the water depth that you can take your waterproof housing to without water leaking to the camera, and generally to have a clear idea of the casing’s features and capabilities.

Generally, as an underwater photographer, you need to be sure that your equipment will be able to withstand strong demands, and that nothing will be ruined in the process. You can do this by having the right additional protective accessories, such as waterproof camera housing.

Do also bear in mind that not all camera makes enjoy the same availability of underwater housing. There is a lot of availability for Canon and Nikon models, but for other manufacturers, this is not guaranteed and you’ll have to shop around for the right waterproof camera housing.

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