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Once in contact with the website design company, make sure that they ask lots of questions about your business. Their job is to portray your business model in your image. They may know how to create the most important pieces of a website, but you know exactly how you want your site to look and what information is vital to your business model. A good website design team, therefore, will work directly with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

As I said before, when checking out the website design company’s website you should find some sort of portfolio. Who have they worked with before? What other websites have they produced? It’s important that they have unique, varied designs for each of their client’s websites. You want to make sure that they approach your business’ site from a new angle; having a unique brand for your business is key to getting lots of website traffic and drawing in lots of customers. Also, make sure they create websites from scratch. You want your business to have an original website, not one designed from a template. The design firm’s portfolio should showcase the website design firm’s ability to create original, varied websites for each of their clients.

Make sure you ask for a list of client names and numbers and find out what this company has done in the past. Call previous clients and ask about customer service. The website design firm should be reliable in terms of meeting your needs. They should communicate openly with you, even if you know nothing about web design. As I mentioned before, they should also heed your suggestions and revisions. If you like their work and if their previous clients assure you they are reliable, they could be the company for you.

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