Mark Your Territory: Get a Tattoo Now!

Humans have essentially been setup as a tribe. Tribes grew to communities but we still have a mark of distinction that differentiates between two or more communities. There are cultural differences as well as socio-economic differences with which we can separate the communities. But when humans were not so socially evolved, there was something else that was used to differentiate between groups of the tribes. By now, you must have rightly guessed it – it was a tattoo. The earliest of the tattoos were done by creating a distinct mark on the skin – with colors of with tools.

Colors were obtained from herbs and leaves of different plants, wood resins and also the blood of animals that they killed. However, with time some of the more brutal group f humans found out that they could instead have a permanent tattoo by creating a wound on the skin! If that sounds scary, take this – some of the African tribes still today separate their tribe members by creating marks on the scalp of their head. They use a sharp knife like tool to scrape the scalp in a particular fashion, that ensures a bleeding wound that when dry, goes on to become ‘permanent’. Other similar tribes make such marks on their faces!

Tattoos in today’s Society

Thankfully, tattoos in these days are considered more as a part of self-expression rather than painful segregation of communities! The most popular tattoos are the ones that resemble a tribal art. After knowing the history and the reasons of pre-historic tattooing, it does not come as a surprise at all that ‘tribal art’ tattoos are the most demanded. Tattoo artists also need to be skillful in administering local/general anesthesia for their clients. They are also experts in providing first -aid to their clients. Actually, this is more important for the ones those who insist on getting a permanent tattoo or even such a tattoo that is located in a sensitive area such as the lower neck or the navel; in such cases, tattoo artists have to be on their toes always!

Tattoo parlors have mushroomed all over the country and even the world today. Tattoos express freedom and independence today. They are more of an individualistic form of self-expression than anything else! Artists have cashed in on this trend and churn out the most unique designs on your body -depending on where you would like to have your tattoo. One famous celeb we know about has a different take on tattoos and gets them done on her back and waist – some are famous quotes! She does make quite a piece of sensual photography, we must say!


From Egyptians to Japanese (they are considered the pioneers of the tattoo art) and to the west, tattoos have come a long way. They continue to surprise us and behold us in their magical aura that is strangely only explainable when ones through the history of tattooing – as a sign of culture/rebellion. If you want a distinct identity in the crowd, getting a tattoo is a great idea!

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