Pogo Sketch Stylus Lets You Be a Designer on Your iPad

A popular trend as of late is sketching and designing on the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Maybe because of the versatility of these devices, maybe because it is so much fun; but for whatever reason, it has become a popular pastime.

To make your designs even easier to work on and look better, try using a stylus. One of the best on the market right now is the Pogo Sketch stylus.

The Pogo Sketch stylus is a slender, pen-like device you can use with your iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPod. It is made of aluminum and is sleek and stylish, much like your iPad 2.

It is the perfect accompaniment because even though you can accomplish a lot with your fingers (and these Apple devices were designed for use with your hands), there are things you just cannot do without a stylus. Fine details and activities such as sketching are perfect examples.

There are several stylus varieties to choose from, but what makes the Pogo Sketch stylus unique is the finer, brush-like quality. This is what makes it the perfect choice for projects such as digital sketching and designing, as those fine details require the precision of a stylus with a fairly fine point. The point of the Pogo Sketch is not extremely fine, but it offers the finest point when compared to the other varieties of stylus. Although you cannot get extremely detailed, it is the best stylus on the market today for creating your designs.

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The design of this stylus is not quite as thin and delicate as that of a paintbrush, but it does a nice job. Unless you are a serious painter or designer, the Pogo Sketch model should be sufficient for your needs.

This stylus works well with the sensitive screen of the iPad 2 so you can easily add detail to any sketches, paintings or designs. You can change the look of your design by adding a little or a lot more pressure.

The Pogo Sketch moves across the screen of your iPad 2 in a smooth, fluid manner, without having to apply tons of pressure, and it doesn’t leave any marks or smudges.

If you have long fingernails or large fingers, you may want to use a stylus for all your work on the iPad 2 or iPhone 4. The use of a stylus also keeps fingerprints off your screen for a cleaner look and feel. Most of the stylus pens on the market today have a larger writing area versus the Pogo Sketch. This is one of the reasons why the Pogo Sketch is deemed more of an artistic tool than a writing or processing instrument.

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