Your Psychological Health and A Larger Penis Size

The most important issue for a male’s psyche is the feeling of self-confidence. It is hard to imagine a happy male who does not feel confident about his abilities. The main problem though, is that most of men do not know how to boost their self-confidence – mostly because they do not know where the bad emotions come from. All too often the size of their penises is the last thing they think about while looking for the reason of their psychological problems. That’s unfortunate, considering the fact that inadequate penis size is among the top reasons of male’s psychological problems.

The old saying “the bigger, the better” is based upon extremely old foundations. The oldest stone statues depict male gods as having extremely large penises. Many South American Indian cultures still use special “penis sacks” to make their manhoods appear bigger. The penis size is a proof of power and abilities of a man – not only his sexual prowess, but his overall skills that help a man to cope with life. As this notion is still alive and kicking, it is hard to ignore it. No wonder that most of males, who are taught since their childhood that they can’t be good men without long, thick erection, believe in it.heal.

When boys are young, they often use their penis sizes to determine who’s the winner and who’s the looser. Those with smaller penises – even only a bit smaller – are ridiculed because of that and must listen to rude remarks about their sizes for years. This affects both them and those who taunt them – both sides become convinced that only the big penis is able to make them feel like real men. People who have been convinced to feel so, often suffer from serious problems later in adulthood. Once they become convinced that their penis size is too small (and it is enough to watch a few XXX videos to see how big other penises can be), they start feeling down. Their stress level rises, performance worsens and everything goes straight down from there.

The negative effects of such thoughts are strengthened by the fact that their first victim is male sexual prowess. Being able to perform well in bed is essential for a man to feel good both physically and psychologically. The feeling of having the small penis soon becomes the knowledge of this fact and knowing that you have a small penis soon becomes the truth as your erection weakens to accommodate to your opinion. This may have a disastrous effect on male’s sexual life and by that, on all his life.

Of course, one can try to solve this problem by the means of psychotherapy. However, this is not a good idea. The psychotherapy is extremely costly and not very effective. It is easier to cope with this problem by simply making your penis larger. Surgery, exercises or even better, natural penis enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus, can solve the problem in a few weeks at most. This will improve man’s opinion about himself, making having sex with him much better. This will improve both the relationship he is in and all other areas of his life. It sounds primitive, but we are all very primitive creatures after all – good sex is essential in keeping

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